BIO INX® resins

BIO INX® resins

Together with the Belgian company BIO INX®, UpNano has established a material portfolio that is not only cell-compatible but also optimized for the NanoOne platform.

Jasper van Hoorick, CEO and co-founder of BIO INX®

“The combined competences of UpNano in developing 3D printing systems and BIO INX® in designing innovative inks for 3D printing gelled well together. Our U-product line of biomaterials for multiphoton lithography features excellent processability and reproducibility. Especially for high-resolution bio applications, it is important that hardware and printing resin are optimally matched to each other.”

Cooperation with BIO INX®

BIO INX®, a spin-off company of Ghent University and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, focuses on the commercialization of materials and bioinks for 3D bioprinting and biofabrication. For product development and establishment, the team relies on, among other technologies, a NanoOne Bio system.

The integrated incubation system is essential and important for their work. The HYDROBIO INX U200 is the first hydrogel for use together with living cells and 2-photon polymerization that is also crystal clear for light-microscope use, a very important factor for many researchers. Many years of research work by the team have already resulted in a remarkable material portfolio. With a diverse range of material properties, the applications become nearly limitless: the bioinks can be applied for various tissue types with applications in regenerative medicine as well as drug and cosmetics screening and bioengineering.

Gelatin-based hydrogel resin

Cell-interactive, gelatine type B-based hydrogel, derived from natural collagen. Unique two-component bio resin enabling printing in the presence of living cells with low autofluorescence. Suitable for light- and laser-scanning microscopy, biodegradable and non-cytotoxic according to EN ISO 10993-5:2009.

Technical thin-film hydrogel

Bioinert, synthetic hydrogel material for bottom-up and top-down printing with high mechanical integrity. No structural deformation in aqueous medium, due to low water absorption capacity. Suitable for cell seeding, non-cytotoxic according to EN ISO 10993-5:2009.

Synthetic, technical hydrogel

Bioinert, mechanically robust, soft, and flexible hydrogel resin. Orange-red viscous liquid, allowing for VAT mode or in-chip printing. White flexible solid after development in dry state. Opaque when swollen in water. SEM imaging compatible because of its drying and rehydrating properties. Suitable for cell seeding, non-degradable, non-cytotoxic according to EN ISO 10993-5:2009.

Polyester-based, biodegradable resin

Robust, biodegradable thin-film material degrades over a period of 2–5 years, solid state cross-linking: suitable for both bottom-up and top-down printing. Extremely high resolution down to <500 nm, supports overhangs, for cell seeding, non-cytotoxic according to EN ISO 10993-5:2009.


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HYDROBIO INX U200 Product Information Sheet (PDF)
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HYDROTECH INX U200 Product Information Sheet (PDF)
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