2-photon resins

Standard production

Our standard production resins are designed to revolutionize the 2PP printing experience. These high-performance resins offer unparalleled advantages for functional parts, ensuring materials are fully cured directly after printing — without the need for post-processing. Whether delving into biomedical innovations, crafting intricate mechanical components or producing optical parts for NIR applications, our standard production resins cater to a broad range of applications, providing the reliability and precision required for success.

UpPhoto – High-performance 2-photon resin

The high-performance standard resin for functional components which are fully cured directly after 3D printing and require no thermal or optical post-processing. The polymerized parts are autoclavable and non-cytotoxic, certified according to EN ISO 10993-5:2009.

Transmission spectrum UpPhoto

The transmission spectrum of UpPhoto was measured through a 200 μm thick, fully polymerized test specimen. High transmission in the NIR spectral region. Allows telecom applications.

The resin, optimized for throughput, is ideal for producing initial prototypes. The chemical reactivity of the resin allows increasing the layer spacing, enabling ultrafast 3D printing of microparts. UpDraft is tolerant to print parameter variations, enabling fast development cycles.

UpDraft – Fast prototyping 2-photon resin


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Material brochure (PDF)
Data sheet UpPhoto (PDF)
Data sheet UpDraft (PDF)