Smart subjob feature for unparalleled 3D printing efficiency

The subjob feature within the Think3D user software is a game-changer for 2PP-3D printing, available for all UpNano printing platforms. This innovative feature blends efficiency and innovation, heralding a groundbreaking era of precision, speed, and cost-effectiveness in high-resolution 3D printing.

Tailored stitching for highest quality and efficiency Logo

Eliminate stitching hassles with our advanced subjob feature. Define precise stitching lines and eliminate seams, ensuring impeccable end results with unparalleled quality. With Think3D’s intuitive interface, you can effortlessly navigate through multiple printing parameters, optimizing every aspect of the printing process.

Save time, boost efficiency

Quality and efficiency are essential in industrial manufacturing, and UpNano acknowledges this significance. Utilizing subjobs in the Think3D user software enables the consolidation of multiple print jobs into one, reducing print time and maximizing substrate utilization—all without compromising on the high, reproducible quality. Whether it’s overnight, weekends, or during workdays, leverage the full potential of your NanoOne printer with flexible scheduling options.

Adaptive resolution during the printing process

Versatility is achieved through dynamic resolution adaptation during printing, allowing for the printing of complex structures with varying resolution requirements in a single run, resulting in up to 50% time savings. From coarse infills to fine details, control is provided by UpNano’s software, ensuring that every element meets exact specifications.

Seamless integration with subjob groups

Streamline your workflow with subjob groups, effortlessly managing stitching across multiple subjobs. Share settings and base profiles with ease, optimizing efficiency without compromising on quality. With UpNano’s intuitive interface, confidently navigate through printing processes.

Subjobs, a software feature unlocking new potentials in the serial production of polymeric micro-components. Experience unparalleled precision, efficiency, and flexibility with all UpNano printing platforms. Join us in embracing the future of additive manufacturing, where innovation knows no bounds.

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