Comprehensive customer support tailored to your needs

UpNano not only delivers cutting-edge 3D printing technology but also an end-to-end support portfolio. Customer service is a top priority for us, and our interdisciplinary team at UpNano is ready to answer your inquiries. Our mission centers around providing the highest level of reliability and quality, surpassing industry standards.

At UpNano, we are dedicated to offering a comprehensive solution for the production of polymeric micro-parts. Given the innovative nature of our technology, we are committed to providing intensive support even before the system is delivered.

Our team is readily available to offer guidance on the implementation of production, ensuring that the installation site is fully equipped to meet the demands of the high-resolution 2PP printing process. This approach establishes the optimal environment for reproducible operations, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Customer satisfaction and efficient operation

Sharing know-how to make customers experts

Individual, industry-tailored customer service

On-site or remote training and support

Sebastian Theiner, Team Lead Production and Service

“My team and I are at your service for any inquiries you may have. Our commitment is to provide fast, solution-oriented support, whether remotely or on-site.”


At UpNano, we prioritize customer satisfaction and the seamless operation of our printing systems.

Ensure trouble-free production by opting for one of our comprehensive service contract options.  

Elevate the performance of your UpNano printing system with our regular preventive maintenance, ensuring optimal future functionality. Our on-site service is a comprehensive package, including hardware recalibration and cleaning as well as software updates. Whether you prefer on-demand visits or comprehensive long-term contracts, we tailor our services to meet your needs.

A warranty extension takes effect after the expiration of the standard 12-month guarantee period. An extended contract can be obtained separately or in conjunction with a maintenance agreement, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your printing system. Warranty extensions encompass all expenses related to spare parts and repair services. With our all-encompassing package, you gain a transparent cost overview and the assurance that your printing system will quickly resume operation in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

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Sharing know-how to make new customers experts in high-resolution 3D printing is what we aim for.

In addition to the general user training included with the purchase of an UpNano printing system, we also offer webinars and advanced training sessions. In these sessions, custom questions or applications can be addressed and discussed individually. General user trainings for new users facilitate the onboarding process and introduction for new team members into the world of multiphoton lithography.

The training is as individual as the preferences of our customers. Both the scope of the workshop and the format, whether remote, on-site, or at our application laboratories in Vienna (Austria) or Boston (US), can be tailored.

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Upgrades and relocation

Every customer is unique and so are our printing systems.

The UpNano systems come fully equipped in their standard configuration, allowing for an immediate start.

Additionally, the systems can be equipped with (software) modules or additional packages at the time of purchase or anytime thereafter, adapting to specific application requirements. This flexibility enables the system’s capabilities to be adjusted to new products long after the purchase.

Planning a move? Our relocation service covers transport securing, packaging, and insured transportation between rooms, cities, or countries. Our team conducts a complete commissioning and full system calibration at the new location, optionally in combination with in-depth user training.

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The UpNano team provides its customers with on-site or remote advice and support.

To ensure your system is always ready for operation, UpNano provides comprehensive technical support through a team of technicians, software developers, material experts, application specialists and biologists worldwide. Our goal is to minimize downtime, ensuring you receive the service and support you need, when and where you need it.

Our product experts are dedicated to keeping you informed about all the features of your printing system, providing confidence in the operation and maintenance of your device. You can always expect prompt response times and knowledgeable support. With remote access to your systems, our support team can diagnose problems and often resolve issues directly without a service technician visiting your facility.

Our experts are also ready to assist in translating your new product ideas into scalable products. Our application and material team aids in optimizing print jobs or collaborates with you on development projects to establish innovative applications. Leverage our broad application expertise to save valuable time and money on the journey to your product.

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Rely on us – your concerns are our personal priority.

Whether you have questions about the print resins, need support in creating a print job, or are keen on exploring training and upgrade opportunities, look forward to a timely response from our team.

As an internationally renowned company headquartered in Vienna, Austria, with a prominent branch in Boston, USA, we forge partnerships with selected distribution and service partners globally, ensuring you access to unparalleled knowledge in high-resolution 3D printing. Elevate your printing experience with our personalized and globally connected approach.


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