2-photon resins

Optically transparent

Our optically transparent resins are engineered to redefine the possibilities of 2PP printing for optical parts. These advanced resin formulations offer exceptional optical transparency across a broad spectrum from near UV to near IR, ensuring unparalleled visual properties for a variety of applications. Certified as non-cytotoxic according to EN ISO 10993-5:2009, they are ideal for biomedical and medical technology applications, ensuring safety and reliability. These resins require post-curing using UV light, ensuring optimal performance and versatility.

UpFlow – Low viscosity and low fluorescent 2-photon resin

The optical transparency and low viscosity of this resin make the resin ideal for printing microfluidics with channels smaller than 50 μm. Additionally, the resin exhibits low autofluorescence and the material is certified as non-cytotoxic, according to EN ISO 10993-5:2009. UpFlow obtains its final properties after a UV post-curing step.

UpOpto – Low transmissive 2-photon resin

This resin features high optical transparency. Unlike standard 2PP resins, it exhibits ultralow autofluorescence and transmission down to 350 nm. The material is non-cytotoxic, certified according to EN ISO 10993-5:2009. UpOpto achieves its final properties after a UV post-curing step.

Transmission spectrum UpOpto

The transmission spectrum of UpOpto was measured through a 200 μm thick test specimen, both in green state and after UV post-curing. High transmission in the VIS and NIR spectral region.


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Material brochure (PDF)
Data sheet UpFlow (PDF)
Data sheet UpOpto (PDF)