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UpNano distributors and service partners

AXT Pty Ltd
Distribution and service partner

Units 1-2 / 3
Vuko Place Warriewood NSW
2102 Australia

Founded in 1991, AXT is an Australian distributor and service partner for high-tech equipment used in sample preparation and analysis for academic and industrial applications. Their fields include life sciences, material science, nanotechnology, geological sciences research, and mining. Through distribution agreements with internationally renowned and recognized brands, they are uniquely positioned to offer complete and comprehensive solution packages from their product portfolio.

Trokut Solutions Pvt Ltd
Distribution and service partner

​Pride 16 Business Park
1st Floor104-105
Road No 16Z Thane West
400604 India

With leading experts boasting over 15 years of experience in the industry, Trokut Solutions was founded in 2017 offering instruments for scientific and industrial applications. These include physical sciences and engineering, life sciences, (bio-) photonics, material science, defense, and space industry as well as astronomy and industrial material processing applications. Trokut Solutions supports the development of equipment, providing complete solutions for research and industry needs.

3D Solutions Ltd
Distribution and service partner

Katom St 8 Misgav
2017500 Israel

3D Solutions, founded in 2014, aims to offer unique technological solutions to the Israeli market, focusing on high-tech equipment that demands knowledgeable service and professional technical support. With years of experience, 3D Solutions provides a comprehensive service portfolio including the sale of 3D printing systems, distribution of additive manufacturing solutions across various industries, and offering service and spare parts for machines.

Polaris Science Pte Ltd
Distribution and service partner

18 Kaki Bukit Road 3 04-10
Entrepreneur Business Centre
Singapore 415978

Polaris Science, founded in 2016, is the leading supplier of quality high-technology instruments to the local community in Singapore. The three owners of Polaris Science have formed a well-established team with many years of experience in the industrial instrumentation business, as well as in various other industries such as material science, nanotechnology, chemical, microelectronics, and biotechnology. Polaris Science has a wide network of foreign suppliers offering top-quality products and brands.

Lasing S.A.
Distribution and service partner

Calle de Julian Camarillo 26
28037, Madrid

Founded in 1980, Lasing is a leading supplier of instrumentation and photonics products for research centers, universities, hospitals, and industry in Spain. They are pioneers in new technologies, coupled with excellent technical support, offering customizable laser processing systems for industrial applications including manufacturing (laser 3D printing, marking, cutting, alignment), photovoltaics (dicing, drilling, doping), semiconductors, automotive, aerospace, and industrial research.


UpNano GmbH

UpNano US Inc.


Modecenterstrasse 22/D36
1030 Vienna, Austria
Office entrance 5, 3rd floor

+43 1 890 16 52

US Subsidiary

One Broadway, 14th floor
Cambridge MA 02142
United States

+1 336 782 2885