Perfect materials for demanding applications

UpNano’s high performance 2-photon resins are optimized to fully exploit the capabilities of our ultrafast high-resolution printing systems. The portfolio includes nine resins, each tailored for specific applications – from performance photopolymers to optically transparent materials for optical and microfluidic applications, to biocompatible formulations, tested for in-vitro cytotoxicity according to EN ISO 10993-5:2009.

Standard production

Resins, revolutionizing 2PP printing with fully cured materials post-printing and broad application versatility.

High-performance 2-photon resin

Fast prototyping 2-photon resin

High-resolution applications

Pushing boundaries in printing intricate 2.5D and 3D details while seamlessly merging highest precision with performance.

High-performance 2-photon resin

Refractive index-matched 2-photon resin

Optically transparent​

Advanced 2PP resins redefine the possibilities for optical parts, delivering unmatched optical transparency.

Low viscosity and low fluorescent 2-photon resin

Low transmissive 2-photon resin

Special applications​

Innovative material properties that open up new possibilities in 2PP-3D printing for high-resolution micro-components.

High-temperature 2-photon resin

Low transmissive 2-photon resin

2-photon silica slurry

* Certified according to EN ISO 10993-5:2009

Markus Lunzer, Team Lead Material and Application

“With the UpNano material portfolio, we address the requirements of diverse application areas, maintaining the highest precision while achieving industry-unique speed!”

Open material platform

UpNano provides material flexibility, offering a wide range of options to meet every printing requirement. Utilize not only UpNano’s cutting-edge 2PP photo resins and optimized partner materials from BIO INX® and Glassomer but also explore commercially available third-party resins or even use customer materials. Our dedicated team of material experts at UpNano is available to guide you every step of the way, whether it’s selecting the most suitable material or the developing your customer-specific resin.

Dispensing, the clean and precise way

The UpNano resin portfolio is available in convenient, resealable cartridges, ensuring light-proof storage and minimal wastage. Utilizing dispensing systems, the resins can be precisely dispensed into the material vat or substrate, guaranteeing high precision and bubble-free application without dripping.

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