2-photon resins

High-resolution applications

Our portfolio of high-resolution resins is engineered to elevate the precision of 2PP printing to new heights. These materials are tailored to expand the boundaries of 2PP printing, offering solutions for 2.5D and 3D printing of intricate details with the highest resolution, as well as parts with overhangs and free-floating elements. Offering cutting-edge solutions for the most demanding projects, our resins seamlessly merge precision with performance.

The negative thin-film resin can be applied to the intended substrate by spin-coating or drop-casting. During printing, the resin is gel-like, allowing for the production of complex structures with overhangs and undercuts. Besides 2.5D and 3D microstructures, free-floating elements can also be printed.

UpSol – Sol-gel hybrid 2-photon resin

The refractive index of the material is matched to the immersion oil of high NA objectives for minimal distortion. After printing, UpBrix parts exhibit a high degree of crosslinking. It is used for ultrahigh-resolution applications and ideal for the fabrication of 2.5D patterns as well as 3D parts with structural details in the micro- and nanometer range.

UpBrix – Refractive index-matched 2-photon resin


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Material brochure (PDF)
Data sheet UpSol (PDF)
Data sheet UpBrix (PDF)